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GPS+GLONASS Repeaters are used to bring GPS and GLONASS satellite signals from outdoors to indoors. They are enhanced version of the GPS only repeaters. They offer three typical solutions:

  • For GPS/GLONASS product and system developers, a GPS/GLONASS Repeater can move their product tests from field or outdoor to indoor labs to improve the operation efficiency and lower the test costs during the product development and production.
  • For emergency services and other time critical services, GPS/GLONASS repeaters can be used to avoid the so-called cold start time delay of the parked device's and keep their positioning function running all time.
  • For general GPS/GLONASS navigation users, a GPS/GLONASS repeater can bring GPS/GLONASS satellite signal from outside to inside of a vehicle. This offers a connector-free antenna solution and improves GPS/GLONASS signal reception and system performance.

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RK-306 GPS & GLONASS Signal Repeater up to 30-meter Range
RK-306 GPS & GLONASS Signal...
$998.98  $949.98
Save: 5% off

RK-106 GPS & GLONASS Signal Repeater up to 10m Range
RK-106 GPS & GLONASS Signal...
$799.98  $779.98
Save: 3% off

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